Community Life 

Lisa 5/6/19 Volunteering at Tojeiro is more than being part of a volunteer project, it is about being a part of a community. Coming to stay in a community for…

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A Week at Tojeiro

Lisa 5/6/19 Each week at Tojeiro is different, there will be different people arriving and leaving and the group dynamic will change. People with new skills come along, which brings…

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Shiva Bar and Bottle Bar

To make sure you enjoy your party to the most, we built two bars close to the stages. Both serve beer and ciders. The bottle bar is on top of…

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Waffle bar

An old truck turned into a bar is waiting for you close to the 2nd stage. Come enjoy some coffee, waffles and homemade cakes every friday!

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Cocktail Bar

Close to the Bamboo Bar, up the hill, is the brand new Cocktail bar! Open on fridays, you can get cocktails or any type of long drinks. Our bartenders often…

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Bamboo Bar

This is our main bar, open all week long and on fridays. We serve beer, soft drinks, local medronho and melosa, wine… It is situated in the main communal area,…

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