27.05.2016 – Last Pizzanight in May

Hi Folks! Let’s meet again for the last Party in May – BUT only for the for the START into a new saison in Tojeiro! Summertime…

pizzaparty11+turntablesCome and join our famous Pizzanight with lots of delicious food, drinks, music and dancing under the stars! WE hope to see YOU!


Olly Booth (Chil-out)
Luis Miguel Freire (Dj-set Techno)
Miguel Dacoste (all electronic music steel)

We also offer: 

  • Hot and cold drinks
  • Pizza all you can eat & lasagne
  • Waffels and cakes wait also for you!
  • Djs & dancing under the stars

We also offer guestrooms! Please contact us if you are in need of a cheap bedroom.

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