A Week at Tojeiro

A Week at Tojeiro



Each week at Tojeiro is different, there will be different people arriving and leaving and the group dynamic will change. People with new skills come along, which brings new workshop ideas and motivated people arrive with new ideas for projects.

Despite the constant changing nature of community life, each week typically follows the same structure. Each day starts with a morning meeting, where we decide on daily jobs and share information to work towards community goals. The week typically follows the same flow and there are often activities and workshops happening which help us connect with one another and maintain the community feel.

A typical week at Tojeiro at the moment starts with the Monday morning daily meeting where the weekly and daily jobs are decided. A womans circle happens every second Monday and a unisex circle every other week. This is a nice open setting to chat and get to know each other on a deeper level. During last weeks unisex circle, we came up with a few questions for everyone to answer, that helped us get to know more about each others passions, journeys and goals.

Quiz nights are a fun way to spend Tuesday’s nights with the group and brings out the competetive side of some people. Our current quiz night host Ted seems to be made for the job and has us cracking up with laughter.

Wednesday’s are a fun packed day with a group photo and community meeting before a special dinner and themed night. A common theme has been open mic night, where we can appreciate the talent of our group or laugh with friends who make an effort to put on a good show despite their lack of musical talent.

As Friday approaches, we begin to plan for Friday’s pizza party with a planning meeting Thursday evening. Energy is always high on a Friday as we prepare for the party and the positive vibes are contagious at 6pm when the party starts, which continues until sunrise on the Saturday.

The mood is usually relaxed on the Saturday, but some choose to party on. In summer you might make a trip down to the nearby lake, which is the ultimate place to chill and take a dip to cool down. Sundays are another relaxing day, with no organised meetings, making it the perfect time to go on a day trip, whether its to the beach or a nearby town. The weekend will often end with a movie night, with everyone snuggled up under blankets at stage three before it all starts again on Monday.

The beautiful thing about life in Tojeiro is going with the flow. Any night can turn into a spontaneous dance party by the bamboo bar or a hike up a mountain for sunset. The possibilites are endless.

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