woofers of tojeiro
Our community is nothing without the volunteers in it. Gracious in their colourful variety of skills, cut out from an uncertain universe, they have a found a family here one that lets them burn with heavenly brightness. This is Stef...
Hobbit house in the hills
In the beginning of this year, a group of German Wandergesellen started woofing at Tojeiro. Looking like craftsmen from a centuries ago, wearing beautiful traditional tailored  suits. The tradition of Wandergesellen or Journeymen has existed for over 800 years and...

And because everyone was so nice today our beloved Yehuda showed us his awesome monkeyskills!All Copyrights of the Song to The Benny Hill Show

Slået op af Fridayhappiness i Tirsdag den 18. juli 2017
Construction, Woofers,
Monkeys in Tojeiro
For sportive activities we have our professional trainingtools like for example the boulderingtable. Our lovely Yuda shows you how to use it.. Enjoy yourself!