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Pulling the curtains up for… An interest
You can find many different people in our community at the moment, people with different interest, skills and hobbies. Some of these hobbies are shared with the ones interested at our weekly workshop events. Today I've been digging down into...
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Pizzanight Algarve 9.12.2016
On Friday with hot and cold drinks, pizza, fireplaces, Medronho, Melosa, Djs........ Trance, Psytrance
Tojeiro supermoon fire 14/11/16
On November 14th 2016, here in Tojeiro we had our first full moon celebration.  The moon itself was a supermoon which was the biggest, brightest and closest of this year. It was the closest supermoon since January 26 1948. We were lucky...
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03.06.2016 – Pizzanight Algarve starts in the summer season!
Dear frieds, the TEMPERATURE is rising, springtime is over... this FRIDAY we START in our FAVORITE Season: ♪ ♫ ☼ SUMMERTIME ☼ ♫ ♪ It comes with delicious pizza all you can eat & lasagne from our stone oven and...
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27.05.2016 – Last Pizzanight in May
Hi Folks! Let’s meet again for the last Party in May - BUT only for the for the START into a new saison in Tojeiro! Summertime... Come and join our famous Pizzanight with lots of delicious food, drinks, music and dancing under the stars! WE...
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UPDATE 20.05.2016 – Franciscos Birthday Party at Pizzanight Algarve
This friday Pizzanight we present from Aterra Eco Camping to Tojeiro comes the bombastic A FESTA & FRIENDS SOUNDSYSTEM to build up a massive wall of sound - (Psy-)Trance deluxe awaits us! Another night of pleasure and heavenly sound in Tojeiro!...
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13.05.2016 – Friday the 13th Pizzanight in Tojeiro
Hot and cold drinks Pizza all you can eat & lasagne Waffels and cakes wait also for you! Djs & dancing under the stars Maps and directions We also offer guestrooms! Please contact us if you are in need of a...
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20.05.2016 – Franciscos Birthday Party at Pizzanight Algarve
From Aterra Eco Camping to Tojeiro comes the bombastic A FESTA SOUNDSYSTEM to build up a massive wall of sound - (Psy-)Trance deluxe awaits us! Celebrate Francisco De Brions birthday party with us pizza all you can eat, lasagne, hot...
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06.05.2016 – YEMADAS at Pizzanight Algarve
We proudly present: On friday the 6th of May the famous musicians Yemadas are playing their intergalactic world music at the Pizzanight Algarve in Tojeiro! Take a look at their website and get some vibes: http://nlg524.wix.com/yemadas or on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Yemadas/...
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29.04.2016 – Pizzaparty in Tojeiro
Come an join the next Pizzanight in Tojeiro! Pizza all you can eat, lasgane, waffles and cakes, hot and cold drinks, beer, medronho, live music and DJs till the morning! Hot and cold drinks Warm up fireplaces Pizza, lasagne, waffels...
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22.04.2016 – Pizzanight Algarve with Queen Kowalski & DJ Miguel Dacoste
Yummy... next Pizzaparty Algarve is coming with a live act: QUEEN KOWALSKI (Indie/Eletronic/Rock from Berlin) Official homepage | facebook Showtime: 22-23 h   Later playing: Creamy Connection Sound System DJ Miguel Dacoste - he's back to give us all a blast...
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08.05.2016 – CANCELLED – Sunday Afternoon Fairy Market in Tojeiro
Because of the actual, very bad weather prognose the flea market on sunday the 8th of may sadfully is cancelled! As soon as available we let you know about the new dates!  
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15.04.16 Fridayhappiness Pizza Party pres. Freekuency unofficial After Party
We are proud to present  Algarve Reggae Dub society! Dance under the Algarve stars to Rigsmith HiFi, High Power Dubwise Soundsystem. Fresh back from Freekuency Festivel. We will be returning to the amazing remote venue of Fridayhappiness Associaçãon.This is located...
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Flea Market Impressions
Here we present some impressions of our last Flea Market on Sunday, 10th of April. Besides some short rain showers the weather was fine and we had much fun. As you can see, a lot of food like cakes, brownies...