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Rule One: Don’t Be A Jerk
This is a post I'd never want to write, it's not nice and it's hypocritical, but it needs to be penned. There is a rule above all rules in community living and it is "Don't be a jerk". Now this...

And because everyone was so nice today our beloved Yehuda showed us his awesome monkeyskills!All Copyrights of the Song to The Benny Hill Show

Slået op af Fridayhappiness i Tirsdag den 18. juli 2017
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Monkeys in Tojeiro
For sportive activities we have our professional trainingtools like for example the boulderingtable. Our lovely Yuda shows you how to use it.. Enjoy yourself!  
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  Trudy This article is dedicated to Trudy. In loving devotion to the kindest sheep soul we ever did meet. We rose from a coffee hit to a morning with the animals. First, the chickens. Then up to the top...
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My first 12 hours
WWOOFer Article My first 12 Hours "I was sitting alone in a store in the middle of nowhere. I didn't know anyone. I knew nothing about the area... Suddenly a women walks in with a big smile on her face...
Expectations vs. First Impressions
  New WWOOFers Article Expectations vs. First Impressions "When you hear about a hippie community living somewhere on a mountain in Portugal many different images appear in your head. If you have never been a part of such a place...