Glitter frames the edge of her eye lashes

As she lounges within the drum and bass frequencies

Theres a magic mystic floating threw the air

I wait for the wind to direct my next path

My actions are random but justified

by the flow of the wind

Rocking up, down and everywhere else


Yet here

In Tojeiro

We gather one and all

Smiles last for miles and miles

A bohemian hive

transforming the world around it

our lives are essential,

they say with pride

with their individuality as one

speaking their words

doing the works that make their souls

glow in harmony


Developing amoungst compassion and diversity

its a perma-culture party dream


Can you see my dream?

The lights never seem to matter

nor the darkness

the music is one with silence

we dance ever so still and furious


Presently time is no object.