Fridayhappiness Christmas party!

Welcome to the fridayhappiness party! Today we have a special party, its CHRISTMAS!

So that means we got a lot work to do!
The pizza team is working hard to prepare the ingredients for the pizzas, make the pizza dough and make everything nice and clean for the evening.

And as normal, everyone that becomes a member before midnight (that cost ONLY 10 euro) will get as much pizza as you can eat until midnight.


Our professional decoration team is working really hard to make the place look amazing and so you can have best time of your life.

Because what is a christmas without some nice christmas decoration, right?



Thinking about a cold night? Not here, because our wood team filled lots of crates with firewood, so you can warm yourself up at one of our firepits.




And as finishing touch to the work we cover the dancefloor with some nice sand.

This will be very nice to dance on with bare feet.





But of course its not only working, there is some time of chilling in the sun as well.

So we are going to have a great christmas party, are you coming too?