One of our long-termers, Maarten, has a background in web development and is using his highly-trained skills to build a new domain whose title explains its its purpose – hippylife.eu. He hopes it will grow into an encyclopedic assortment of articles, videos, ideas and tools to help lead an alternative lifestyle in the age of late-stage capitalism.

Maarten is encouraging people to contribute material to his site in the hope of assisting people who are struggling to break free from the chains of their wage slavery. He hopes to highlight the many positives that dropping out can bring.

Maarten has spent time floating around after leaving his homeland and escaping the stresses of modern life. He has found happiness, contentment and a purpose that late-stage capitalism was never able provide. He wishes by this electronic means to share his experiences with others, but he also hopes others will contribute. Contact him on Facebook or send a message via the website if you wish to be a contributor or help generate ideas. It could be the start of something special.



Website: http://hippylife.eu/