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Expectations vs. First Impressions

“When you hear about a hippie community living somewhere on a mountain in Portugal many different images appear in your head. If you have never been a part of such a place you dont really know what to expect. In the description there are words such as self-sustainable, nature, pizza night, gardening, caravans, construction, animals etc. What do I have to say about it after my first week? I say dust. A lot of dust, and bugs, and also freedom. Freedom to be yourself, freedom to create and build; people who live and work together in this little hippie jungle, with little comfort but to tell you the truth, in a way feeling as comfortable as never before. Everyone so different but also connected by this craving for simplicity and nature, beautiful souls that they are. People whose faces light up talking about their little gardens, people who lose themselves in construction projects, people who find themselves sitting with goats by the river, people who dance like fireworks, party like there is no tomorrow or maybe read books in hammocks surrounded by nature in quiet. No prejudice or judgement; I say kindness, opportunity and adventure. I say come to Tojeiro and breath in the mountains, come without any expectations or fears, with an open heart to community that welcomes you to their simple home. It doesnt matter if this kind of lifestyle is the one you have lead for a while or something you have never tried. Its challenging, its real and its beautiful. Im sure that this month of my life is something that I’m always gonna remember with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.”

-Gerda, 22, Lithuania



Rudolf Strelow