Open Mic Night Introduction

One of the wonders that sprout forth out of the bellies our suggestion box recently. The open mic night has become a big night in the community right now, as it brings the volunteers together, doing stuff that might spark inspiration into the hearts of others.

Over the past few weeks, we have had various performances, ranging from music to poetry to acrobatics, and many more I could not even start to put into a category. These warm colors of energy that flows from the performers to the audience every Wednesday night has cemented the open mic syndrome into the heart of Tojeiro, causing the need for expression of ones mind and a more confident way of interacting with our hobbies.

Due to the ever evolving nature of Tojeiro, the night gets its anchors put down, because new volunteers might not feel part of the family well enough to get on stage and do whatever makes their heart burn. This is understandable as everyone is not as extroverted as the next person, the job of this article is to try and paint a picture, for all volunteers (old and new) and the people of the outside world, of this magical night, to show that all you need to enjoy this night is to bring a heart full of wonders and desire and a mind ready to open.

The night is filled with performers, there is also a big jam session together, where people just play whatever starts a rave in their mind and everyone is free to join in. The night also hosts our wonderful woofer party, because the rave must go on. See you this Wednesday, I will be looking forward to seeing you perform or just here to enjoy the atmosphere, thank you!

Written by Jo