Tojeiro Wiki

Chicken care

  •  Check the water and clean/refill it as needed. Make sure our hens always have clean source of fresh water. Chickens don’t like dirty water and they can dehydrate if they’re without a clean drinking source even for a short time. Shavings, straw and poop can get in the water throughout the day and muck it up. So refresh the water if you notice any debris in the container. Use running water for regular cleanings (at least once a day) and rinse well before refilling.
  • Feed the chickens. Usually chickens are fed three times a day.The first meal happens in the early morning, at 6.00am during summertime and at 7.00 during winter, according to the sunlight circle. The second round is usually set at 11am and the last at 3.00pm, which is their last meal for the day. Seeds and corn are the primary elements  of their diets, however sometimes you can give them compost waste from the kitchen, such as veggie leftovers, rice or pasta. They’ll be very happy and eventually lay more eggs for you!
  • Collect eggs. Collecting eggs daily ensures that they are as clean as possible. It also minimizes cracked eggs and enhance freshness. A little trick: leave always one marked egg in one of the nest boxes, that will encourage the other chickens to lay more eggs. 

Updated on 11. March 2022