Two flowers in Tojeiro garden..

Bom Dia World!

Im Amy! I have been here for three weeks, returning on and off for two years. I have been over seeing the garden for a little time with my friends here. After a day watering and tending to the plants. I sat on the sofa and then a fellow scouser appeared. For those who do not know what a scouser is; its a being from the merseyside of Liverpool, UK.

Instantly greeted with a hug and natter concluding to the reveal that we lived only ten minutes away from each other!

Already sharing the lovely Liverpool as our home, we had insane amounts in common already. From talking more and more in the last week, we found we have lots of common ground. We both aspire to create and craft wether this is plant based or paint based.

I was more than excited to see Ellie Jane’s sketchbook, leaving me with an anticipation to know so much more about this lady and her talentSo, i asked her some questions….

Please introduce yourself Ellie;

Hello! My name is Ellie Jane. I am 22 years old currently living in Cornwall, UK. I am studying Illustration, and i am thrilled to be here drawing all of the beautiful surroundings.

Why did you choose to come here?

I chose to come here because i wanted more experience working within a community. Tojiero seemed like the perfect place to merge my love for art with agri-culture and the wonders of nature! Mostly, i wanted to take myself out of my box, join a completely new and exciting experience and work with people in harmony.

What are your first impressions?

WOW! First impressions! Well within the first five minutes i was asked if i would like glitter on my face. I think that sums up how great my first impression was.

Favorite movie?

Thats too hard of a question, i would say top 3…

Pulp Fiction. Princess Mononoke and ANY Lord of the Rings.

Thats amazing, my favorite film was Pulp Fiction and Spirited Away..How would you describe your painting style?

My painting style is ever changing, i like to experiment, play around with different processes. Discovering new ways to create. I think my style with constantly evolve and there is something i find very exciting about that.

How do you find inspiration?

From everything, everywhere. It could be anything from a newspaper in a corner store to a bird sitting in a tree to a older lady sitting at a bus stop with me. I enjoy taking inspiration from people, i think this is why i love traveling so much. Understanding different cultures, experiences and tales that spark little sockets of inspiration in my mind. Tojiero is a hive for this!

Who is your favorite artist?

Ah i could not pick just one. Yayoi Kusama is one of my biggest spell binding inspirations. Kusama is a Japanese writer and artist. Her work involves a variety of media, from painting to collage to performance. I admire how she translates her mind threw bright electric patterns and colours. I find such beauty in takingstuggles and pains and turning them into works of multi sensorial art.

Frida Khalo is a painting goddess in the sky. Frida had such  strength and talent amidst all of her struggles. Her work evokes such passion and soul. Also she rocks  a monobrow better than anyone in history.

Would you like to make a ‘Living’ out of your work?

Ofcourse, i would love my craft to be an ‘income’ but it is not my objective or intention. My idea of success and living does not rely on income. I would much prefer to live in this sort of environment like Tojiero. I sleep in a converted bedroom in the front of a waffle truck tothe rising of the moon, and wake up at sunrise to  spend a day with animals, drawing, talking and creating.  I guess that its the most beautiful way of ‘living’.

Do you have any tips for people who want to draw more?

I would say, firstly do not let any fear or doubt or not being a good enough drawer or skilled enough. EVERYONE can learn how to draw, paint or create. I think of it like a muscle, you must exercise this muscle for it to become strong. The way in which i started was, i found paintings, drawings, sculptures that i admired and copied the style of process. This way, i picked up skills along the way.

What helps you when you have a creative block?

Poetry i would say, i love to play writing  or drawing games with anyone i meet. Poetry is a great tool to visualize imagery. Yet if the flow still isn’t coming, i will give myself time to relax, maybe do something else and let the inspiration come to me in time.

Beautiful. i feel you, I consciously carry poetry with me in my bag. Do you find inspiration here?

In SO many ways!! Its a crowded bohemian hive that is set in a enchanted little valley! In terms of how i find inspiration creatively- Tojeiro is a melting pot.

Do you have any styles of Art you do not like?

I have my own tastes, my favorite at the moment being Japanese wood cut printing. Yet I admire all art forms because i see art as a personal expression and i would never like to dictate or criticize anyone else expression because i value the time, energy and care put into creating.

Whats been the craziest drawing you have done?

Once i created a page of a comic book that was based on a narrative about a floating island in space. Where humans lived in a post-apocalyptic cyber digital world. The more surreal the better i find sometimes.

Sometimes the most spontaneous painting or scribbles tend to be the weirdest.

Is there any other art practice you would like to try?

I would love to delve more into the physical process of body painting, moving every limb of the body to create murals.

If you could be any animal, what would it be?

For sure, a bird. A tropical colorful bird flying threw rainforest trees.

What are you worst qualities of your work?

I would say the worst qualities of my work is when my anxiety gets the better of me. I am certainly my own worst critic, and i find i put too much pressure on myself to draw a lot. This frustration may lead to some of the drawings or paintings looking scrappy or untidy. Sometimes i may spend a lot of time on a project and it can not work out and that leaves me very frustrated sometimes. These problems always lead me to discovering new solutions or ways to create which i guess its a positive!

Ellie Jane, leaves me with a drawing of the magical garden before i return back home to Liverpool.

Ciao for now Tojeiro, Obrigada Ellie Jane

love, Amy