International Community, Farm, Eco-Village and Self-Sustainable Permaculture Project

Fridayhappiness Associação

The Fridayhappiness Associação is a cultural and arts community that is working towards being self-sustained. The community is situated in the mountains of Monchique, Portugal surrounded by nature.

The community provides an alternative way of living with permaculture gardens, farm animals, sustainability projects, and arts and cultural workshops. It is a great place to come to meet other like-minded people passionate about sustainability and alternative living.

The community is located on 14 hectares of land, surrounded by mountains and nature all around including ponds, lakes and streams to swim in, mountains with hiking tracks and beautiful peaceful areas to sit down with a book.

Come to volunteer with us

You will experience living in a community, where everyone works to contribute to the community goals. Living alongside people from all over the world, you will have the opportunity to learn about different cultures, languages and ways of life. This is a place to discover yourself, develop strong friendships with others and find out what unique qualities, skills and knowledge you can offer to contribute to the community.

Come to visit us as a guest

We have been running Friday Pizza Night every Friday for over 8 years, which has become a renowned party which brings together locals and travellers from all over the world.