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Arnulfo Simonetti
How would you like to Upload A SINGLE Video And RANK for 100 LANGUAGES !!! FACT #1 ONLY 25% of the searches made online are in ENGLISH! And yet everybody focuses on trying to rank in ENGLISH! FACT #2 YouTube...
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Over the hills and in the valley
over the hills and in the valley ambition is fading whilst wading in ponds of momentalities stimulating highs and leather lows scattered focus dreams unplugged the grinding sound of pebbles under my feet meshing old patterns of habit with waves...
Trip Advisor Reviews: Gotcha! Well not quite.
As part of my role on the Public Relations team I've charged myself (that's what we do here, we "charge" ourselves with tasks - a kind of self-imposed tyranny) the task of getting us a stronger online presence. I've concentrated...
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Lunatics, Imbeciles and Idiots
I am reading a book about the evolution of mental health treatment in Britain and Ireland, here's a quote I wanted to share: It is commonly agreed that the most deplorable spectacle which society presents, is that of a receptacle...
The Tyranny of Work & Tojeiro
Bob Black wrote an essay some years ago (link here) called The Abolition of Work. What a dream, eh? Imagine, if you will, a different world, a world without alarm clocks, commutes, and the discipline of bosses and set hours....
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Rule One: Don’t Be A Jerk
This is a post I'd never want to write, it's not nice and it's hypocritical, but it needs to be penned. There is a rule above all rules in community living and it is "Don't be a jerk". Now this...
Thefts in Tojeiro
We've had a week of it. Last Friday night/Saturday morning some members of the the community were robbed of gear, some up to 800 Euros worth. Some were insured, some not. Electronics and cash were the preferred items on the...
Circles: good for your health
The group's silent positive judgment became the source of the talker's power. - Teodros Kiros Yesterday we had a Talking Circle - Tuesdays 2pm - and a heady 12 participated. Some spoke a lot, some were silent. The choice was with...
Two flowers in Tojeiro garden..
Bom Dia World! Im Amy! I have been here for three weeks, returning on and off for two years. I have been over seeing the garden for a little time with my friends here. After a day watering and tending...
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  Trudy This article is dedicated to Trudy. In loving devotion to the kindest sheep soul we ever did meet. We rose from a coffee hit to a morning with the animals. First, the chickens. Then up to the top...
Never stop being curious!
Its the 6th of July 2017, I sit in the bamboo bar of the happiness association working my shift. My morning consisted of a sunrise wake and a breakfast cook up. I count myself lucky to be waking up again...
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My first 12 hours
WWOOFer Article My first 12 Hours "I was sitting alone in a store in the middle of nowhere. I didn't know anyone. I knew nothing about the area... Suddenly a women walks in with a big smile on her face...
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Pulling the curtains up for… An interest
You can find many different people in our community at the moment, people with different interest, skills and hobbies. Some of these hobbies are shared with the ones interested at our weekly workshop events. Today I've been digging down into...
Tojeiro poems, vol.1
Sun, warming my bellybutton Flowers, taking home in my nostrils I don't really know how to rhyme, but Pizza is life, Tojeiro is love   It's just as perfect as you wish It's ever living, never stopping With variety of...
The Animals of Tojeiro (Part 1)
Tojeiro would be nothing without our four legged friends. Whether to keep you warm on a cold winters night or to keep you company on the long walk to the lake there is always a furry friend beside you. Whether...
Fridayhappiness Christmas party!
Welcome to the fridayhappiness party! Today we have a special party, its CHRISTMAS! So that means we got a lot work to do! The pizza team is working hard to prepare the ingredients for the pizzas, make the pizza dough...
Ongoing construction
New construction projects being undertaken as 2016 comes to an end. We are building a new stage and organising new dance area in preperation for christmas and the new year. New projects being thought up all the time at tojeiro....
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Pizzanight Algarve 9.12.2016
On Friday with hot and cold drinks, pizza, fireplaces, Medronho, Melosa, Djs........ Trance, Psytrance
Hallo Welt!
Willkommen zur deutschen Version von WordPress. Dies ist der erste Beitrag. Du kannst ihn bearbeiten oder löschen. Und dann starte mit dem Schreiben!
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03.06.2016 – Pizzanight Algarve starts in the summer season!
Dear frieds, the TEMPERATURE is rising, springtime is over... this FRIDAY we START in our FAVORITE Season: ♪ ♫ ☼ SUMMERTIME ☼ ♫ ♪ It comes with delicious pizza all you can eat & lasagne from our stone oven and...
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27.05.2016 – Last Pizzanight in May
Hi Folks! Let’s meet again for the last Party in May - BUT only for the for the START into a new saison in Tojeiro! Summertime... Come and join our famous Pizzanight with lots of delicious food, drinks, music and dancing under the stars! WE...
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UPDATE 20.05.2016 – Franciscos Birthday Party at Pizzanight Algarve
This friday Pizzanight we present from Aterra Eco Camping to Tojeiro comes the bombastic A FESTA & FRIENDS SOUNDSYSTEM to build up a massive wall of sound - (Psy-)Trance deluxe awaits us! Another night of pleasure and heavenly sound in Tojeiro!...
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13.05.2016 – Friday the 13th Pizzanight in Tojeiro
Hot and cold drinks Pizza all you can eat & lasagne Waffels and cakes wait also for you! Djs & dancing under the stars Maps and directions We also offer guestrooms! Please contact us if you are in need of a...
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20.05.2016 – Franciscos Birthday Party at Pizzanight Algarve
From Aterra Eco Camping to Tojeiro comes the bombastic A FESTA SOUNDSYSTEM to build up a massive wall of sound - (Psy-)Trance deluxe awaits us! Celebrate Francisco De Brions birthday party with us pizza all you can eat, lasagne, hot...
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06.05.2016 – YEMADAS at Pizzanight Algarve
We proudly present: On friday the 6th of May the famous musicians Yemadas are playing their intergalactic world music at the Pizzanight Algarve in Tojeiro! Take a look at their website and get some vibes: http://nlg524.wix.com/yemadas or on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Yemadas/...
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29.04.2016 – Pizzaparty in Tojeiro
Come an join the next Pizzanight in Tojeiro! Pizza all you can eat, lasgane, waffles and cakes, hot and cold drinks, beer, medronho, live music and DJs till the morning! Hot and cold drinks Warm up fireplaces Pizza, lasagne, waffels...
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22.04.2016 – Pizzanight Algarve with Queen Kowalski & DJ Miguel Dacoste
Yummy... next Pizzaparty Algarve is coming with a live act: QUEEN KOWALSKI (Indie/Eletronic/Rock from Berlin) Official homepage | facebook Showtime: 22-23 h   Later playing: Creamy Connection Sound System DJ Miguel Dacoste - he's back to give us all a blast...
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08.05.2016 – CANCELLED – Sunday Afternoon Fairy Market in Tojeiro
Because of the actual, very bad weather prognose the flea market on sunday the 8th of may sadfully is cancelled! As soon as available we let you know about the new dates!  
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15.04.16 Fridayhappiness Pizza Party pres. Freekuency unofficial After Party
We are proud to present  Algarve Reggae Dub society! Dance under the Algarve stars to Rigsmith HiFi, High Power Dubwise Soundsystem. Fresh back from Freekuency Festivel. We will be returning to the amazing remote venue of Fridayhappiness Associaçãon.This is located...
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Flea Market Impressions
Here we present some impressions of our last Flea Market on Sunday, 10th of April. Besides some short rain showers the weather was fine and we had much fun. As you can see, a lot of food like cakes, brownies...
Wegbeschreibung von Monchique
Wegbeschreibung von Monchique Von Monchique Richtung Ortsausgang Portimão / Caldas de Monchique, gegenüber Steinbruch rechts Richtung Marmelete / Aljezur.... Straße folgen N267 und zwar genau 12,4  km..... Am großen Schild "Corte Cibrão", große Straßenmündung abbiegen. (Straße folgen, stakes Gefälle, 4,4...
Wegbeschreibung von Aljezur
Wegbeschreibung von Aljezur Von Aljezur richtung Monchique / Marmelete (N267) 15 km folgen. Nach dem Ortsausgangsschild Marmelete sind es noch ca 1 KM, bis zur Abbiegung "Corte Cibrão" (großes Schild und große Straßenmündung) (Straße folgen, stakes Gefälle, 4,4 KM.) Durch...
Directions to Tojeiro (from Aljezur)
Directions to Tojeiro (from Aljezur) From Aljezur you go to the roundabout and take the direction to Marmelete / Monchique. You pass Marmelete, and in about 2 KM you see a Sign "Corte Cibrão". There you turn right and follow...
Direction from Portimao to Tojeiro
Direction from Portimão to Tojeiro From Portimão you have to get to the Autòdromo. From there you take the 3. Circel and turn left. You drive about 5 km and pass "corte cibrão" After this you have to drive  a...
Directions from Faro to Portimao
Direction From Faro to Portimão From Faro Airport you have to take a Taxi or a Bus to the Railwaystation. From there you go by train to Portimão. about 5 €
Direction from Monchique to Marmelete
Directions to Tojeiro (from Monchique) From Monchique to Marmelete / Aljezur, you path after a few kilometers Casais. You follow the road, until you see the sign Corte Cibrão. Turn left and follow the road for about 5 KM. You...